class RubyProf::Cmd


Profiles a Ruby program.


ruby-prof [options] <script.rb> [–] [profiled-script-command-line-options]


-p, --printer=printer            Select a printer:
                                   flat - Prints a flat profile as text (default).
                                   graph - Prints a graph profile as text.
                                   graph_html - Prints a graph profile as html.
                                   call_tree - format for KCacheGrind
                                   call_stack - prints a HTML visualization of the call tree
                                   dot - Prints a graph profile as a dot file
                                   multi - Creates several reports in output directory
-m, --min_percent=min_percent    The minimum percent a method must take before
                                   being included in output reports.
                                   This option is not supported for call tree.
-f, --file=path                  Output results to a file instead of standard out.
    --mode=measure_mode          Select what ruby-prof should measure:
                                   wall - Wall time (default).
                                   process - Process time.
                                   allocations - Object allocations (requires patched Ruby interpreter).
                                   memory - Allocated memory in KB (requires patched Ruby interpreter).
-s, --sort=sort_mode             Select how ruby-prof results should be sorted:
                                   total - Total time
                                   self - Self time
                                   wait - Wait time
                                   child - Child time
    --allow_exceptions           Raise exceptions encountered during profiling (true) or suppress them (false)
-R, --require-noprof=lib         require a specific library (not profiled)
-E, --eval-noprof=code           execute the ruby statements (not profiled)
    --exclude=methods    A comma separated list of methods to exclude.
                                   Specify instance methods via # (Integer#times)
                                   Specify class methods via . (Integer.superclass)
    --exclude-common             Remove common methods from the profile
-h, --help                       Show help message
-v, --version version            Show version (1.1.0)