class RubyProf::DotPrinter

Generates a graphviz graph in dot format.

To use the dot printer:

result = RubyProf.profile do
  [code to profile]

printer =

You can use either dot viewer such as GraphViz, or the dot command line tool to reformat the output into a wide variety of outputs:

dot -Tpng > graph.png



Public Class Methods

new(result) click to toggle source

Creates the DotPrinter using a RubyProf::Proile.

Calls superclass method RubyProf::AbstractPrinter::new
   # File lib/ruby-prof/printers/dot_printer.rb
27 def initialize(result)
28   super(result)
29   @seen_methods =
30 end

Public Instance Methods

print(output = STDOUT, options = {}) click to toggle source

Print a graph report to the provided output.

output - Any IO object, including STDOUT or a file. The default value is STDOUT.

options - Hash of print options. See setup_options for more information.

When profiling results that cover a large number of method calls it helps to use the :min_percent option, for example:, :min_percent=>5)